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Review and Gap Analysis of Cybersecurity Legislation and Cybercriminality Policies in 8 Countries

Laws are only one aspect in the fight against cybercrime; its insidious problem on society and business, its prevention and mitigation are a shared responsibility for everyone - as is protecting essential services and the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

Steve Durbin, ISF Chief Executive

The Information Security Forum (ISF) in conjunction with CC-DRIVER released a report laying out a framework of five interrelated elements deemed critical to tackling cybercrime and bolstering cybersecurity, through which policymakers, legislators and law enforcement agencies can gain a holistic view to better grasp the dynamics behind cybercrime:

  • Strategy

  • Legislation

  • Engagement

  • Enforcement

  • Assessment

For more information read the full report, the corresponding policy brief, have a look at our second press release (October 2021) or check out ISF's website.


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