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International Summit on Youth and Cybercrime

On 1 March, 2023, the International Summit on Youth and Cybercrime was held in Valencia (Spain), with plenary presentations and multiple panel discussions on the trends of cyber juvenile delinquency, including their human and technical drivers.

The event, hosted by Valencia Local Police, was live-streamed and simultaneously translated into Spanish and English. Over 150 persons from 33 nations attending on-site were joined by 220 viewers online. Participants‘ backgrounds were law enforcement, academia, education, industry, public administration and policy making, civil society organisations, and media, as well as other areas of expertise in the field of cybercrime and cybersecurity. The press was also present and the Summit was featured in the local news as well as national news which featured interviews with CC-DRIVER and RAYUELA project partners, including Valencia Local Police and Trilateral Research.

For more information have a look at our press release (March 2023) below and browse our website.


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