The CC-DRIVER LEA Working Group is a discussion group of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) that aims for an exchange of experiences and best practices with a specific focus on cybercrime. These meetings are a safe space for LEAs to discuss about the human, social and societal aspects of security problems and their remedies.


The LEA Working Groups are one hour-long conference calls organised by Valencia Local Police on a quarterly basis, being open to any LEA external to CC-DRIVER.


The 4th edition of the CC-DRIVER LEA Working Group will be organised to take place in


end of January / beginning of February 2022 (tba).


The topic for discussion: Sexting, sextortion and revenge porn.

Communication and information technologies have brought many benefits, but they also can facilitate, increase and enhance multiple harassment situations. Knowledge and good management of Internet content and online social behaviour is key to preventing the main cyber threats to young people and adults.

The selected points for discussion are the following:

  • Trend of the addressed topic in each participating country

  • Specific question/s addressing the topic:

    • Victim/perpetrator profiling (special focus on gender)

    • Modus operandi

    • Preferred SM platforms by perpetrators

  • Challenges faced by LEAs:

    • Legislative

    • Technical tools

    • (…)

  • Best practices 

  • Recommendations for further action

If you are an LEA and would like to participate in this edition, please contact Valencia Local Police.