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CC-DRIVER is very proud to be featured in Europol’s new spotlight report series!

Many thanks to Prof Mary Aiken from UEL and Dr Philipp Amann from Europol for featuring us in "The Cyber Blue Line", a report discussing the future role of law enforcement in cyberspace and the challenges we are encountering particularly regarding cybercrime.

As technology evolves, so does our society and with it the role of law enforcement. A significant and increasing aspect of law enforcement work is now dedicated to providing safety and security online. This not only means protecting the rule of law and victims online, but also serving the online community. In doing so, law enforcement is confronted with a number of challenges that, at their core, link to the question on where to draw the line.

(Catherine de Bolle, Executive Director of Europol)

Download "The Cyber Blue Line" here:

Europol, 2021_The Cyber Blue Line, Europol Spotlight Report Series
Download PDF • 690KB


Descargue esta entrada de blog en español:

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