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CC-DRIVER Policy Tool Wiki Workshop

A free, democratic and open EU provides endless opportunities for its people. However, growth is not without risk, especially in cyberspace, in the ubiquity of connected devices and rapid technological change. Criminality is also adapting, seeking opportunity and taking on new forms. We seek to understand the drivers of cybercriminality and researches methods to prevent, investigate and mitigate cybercriminal behaviour.

We are developing a policy tool wiki, including a set of good cybersecurity policy practices, with a special focus on young people, and a cybersecurity policy framework outlining the different types of cybercrime, including cybercrime-as-a-service, and the extent to which particular bits of legislation or regulation address those different types of cybercrime.

This wiki will be presented for the first time to a audience of law enforcement authorities and policymakers in an online workshop on 9 May, 10-12 CEST.

If you are a policymaker or member of a law enforcement authority and would like to contribute to the policy tool wiki by discussing its scope, utility and ease of use, we encourage you to sign up and support our efforts against cybercrime!


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