Researching cybercriminality to design new methods to prevent, investigate, and mitigate cybercriminal behaviour.


LEA Working Group Coming Up!

The 4th edition of the CC-DRIVER LEA Working Group will be taking place on 1 October 2021 and cover the topic Online Hate Speech

The CC-DRIVER LEA Working Group is a discussion group of LEAs that aims for an exchange of experiences and best practices with a specific focus on cybercrime.

These meetings are a safe space for LEAs to discuss about the human, social and societal aspects of security problems and their remedies.

If you are a LEA interested in joining the call, sign up here.

Sep 16 2021


Project Overview



CC-DRIVER will provide self-assessments for youths and stakeholders, investigation tools for LEAs, and a policy toolkit. 


CC-DRIVER aims to investigate, identify, understand, and explain drivers of cybercriminality.


CC-DRIVER uses a multidisciplinary approach to explore the drivers of cybercriminality.